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University-wide majors

Communication and Cultural Studies

Students gain contextual, ethical and effective communication skills, especially in intercultural settings. The Major enables students’ critical and cultural awareness of self and others in order to communicate successfully. It inspires an activated scholarship and citizenship informed through knowledge, community engagement, skills and abilities gained in interdisciplinary learning contexts.

Academic organisational unit: School of Arts and Social Sciences

Schedule of units

HUM00270 - Doing Cultural Studies
HUM00271 - Unruly Subjects: Citizenship
CUL00210 - Australia, Asia and the World
Choose five (5) units from the following:
HUM00272 - Space, Place and Travel Note 1
HUM00273 - Borderlands: Identity, Culture and Belonging Note 1
HUM00274 - EcoCultural Studies Note 1
COM20001 - Sensory Cultures
SOC10400 - Gender, Sexuality and Culture
COM00439 - Theory in Practice: Issues in Media Studies
COM10082 - Film Studies: Cinema, Culture, Context
CUL00211 - Perspectives on Australia
CUL00401 - Indigenous World-Views
CUL00412 - Indigenous Ways of Cultural Expression
HUM00275 - Cultural Studies Research Project
ART00602 - Australian Visual Cultures
SOC10399 - Philosophy on Screen: Film and Television


Note 1:Unit offered biennially

Indigenous Knowledge

The Indigenous Knowledge University-wide Major seeks to empower Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through providing units of study that increase the knowledge of and understanding about Indigenous peoples, their cultures and associated rights, in historical and contemporary contexts. The major area of study provides students with a broad understanding of historical and contemporary issues affecting Indigenous Australian Peoples and a respect for Indigenous Australian identity and development.

Academic organisational unit: College of Indigenous Peoples (Gnibi)

Schedule of units

CUL00401 - Indigenous World-Views
SOC71005 - Colonising Histories
HUM71006 - Indigenous Knowledge
HUM71005 - Aboriginal Cultural Strengths
HUM72015 - Racism and Eugenics
IHE72006 - Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing
SOC73001 - Caring for Country
MNG72011 - Aboriginal Social Enterprise I

Law and Justice

A University-wide Law and Justice major provides students with the opportunity to gain legal perspectives that will complement their degree. Students will gain a foundational understanding of law and basic legal principles that will be useful in any employment situation. Completing the Law and Justice Major may provide the opportunity for employment in administration of government departments, fields of commerce, real estate, banking, human resources and other areas where an understanding of law complements duties undertaken.

Academic organisational unit: School of Law and Justice

Schedule of units

LAW00051 - Legal Research and Writing
LAW10157 - Australian Legal System
Plus choose six (6) units from the following:
LAW00050 - Criminal Process
LAW00053 - Foundations of Torts
LAW00059 - Welfare Law
LAW00106 - EEO and OH&S Law and Practice
LAW00118 - Environmental Law
LAW00214 - Mediation and Dispute Resolution
LAW00514 - Criminology
LAW00521 - International Law
LAW00522 - Human Rights
LAW00526 - International Criminal Justice
LAW10068 - Law and Government Decision Making
LAW10159 - Principles of Contract Law

Organisational Management

The units available in the Organisational Management University-wide major provide students with the opportunity to gain the business skills needed to plan, coordinate and lead group efforts to achieve organisational goals. This course of study will equip students with the skills to communicate effectively, monitor the changing business environment and make sound business management decisions.

Academic organisational unit: School of Business and Tourism

Schedule of units

Choose eight (8) units from the following:
ACC10707 - Accounting and Finance for Business
MNG72005 - International Business
MNG00114 - Competitive Strategy
MNG10720 - Research for Business and Tourism
MNG00314 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MNG10247 - Managing Organisations
MNG10253 - Sustainable Business Management
MNG10718 - Strategic Architecture of Organisations
MKT10724 - Services Marketing
MNG10713 - Understanding the Business Environment
MNG10716 - Organisational Stakeholder Management
MNG10717 - Culture and Change Implementation


The Sustainability University-wide major examines the social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability. It equips students with concepts and tools enabling sustainable solutions to be found across the broad range of business, social, and legal disciplines providing knowledge essential to constructing and implementing sustainability policy. Career opportunities include sustainability project management, corporate social responsibility reporting, sustainability services consulting, sustainable supply chain management, sustainable resource management, social sustainability management, stakeholder engagement within commercial, government and charitable organisations.

Academic organisational unit: School of Business and Tourism

Schedule of units

BIO10187 - Global Environmental Issues
SOC10236 - Applied Ethics and Sustainability
Choose six (6) units from the following:
EDU01286 - Environmental Education
FOR00110 - Natural Resources Policy
HMS00423 - Sustainable Tourism
MNG10253 - Sustainable Business Management
HUM00274 - EcoCultural Studies
SOY00419 - Caring for Kuntri: Indigenous Environmental Management
SOY10114 - Independent Project
POL00013 - Global Social Movements
ECO00202 - Ecological and Environmental Economics for Sustainable Development